Hand Lettering 101 Workshop - May 23rd, 2019


Hand Lettering 101 Workshop - May 23rd, 2019


Hosted by Constellation & Co. at the Fisherman’s Terminal
1900 W Nickerson St #101
Seattle, WA 98119

May 23rd, 2019

6:00 - 9:00 PM

Join us for treats while you learn how to maximize your own handwriting to create fun and beautiful works of art! This foundational workshop will show you how to identify a unique style and build upon your own handwriting. Learn different "fonts", simple layouts, and the coveted faux-ligraphy!

At the end of class, you will take home your own "print" along with some goodies to set you up for your next hand lettering project, including the beginner lettering pen set by one of our favorite brands, Tombow! You’ll be all set with four different types of lettering pens, as well a smudge-free pencil and a great eraser for sketching before committing to ink. Also included are Rosie’s fauligraphy alphabet exemplars, list of recommended tools, and a treat!

About Rosie Powell:

Rosie is the lead designer of Songbird Paperie, a design and calligraphy studio based in Queen Anne. Her love for calligraphy and hand lettering has been a life-long passion. She was the kid in elementary school who wrote her notes in different fonts, colors, and styles! (In perfect lettering, of course!) She started studying the classic art of dip pen calligraphy in 2001, and has been developing multiple styles of calligraphy since.  Follow her on Instagram @songbirdpaperie!

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